Rules & Regulations

Every student should abide by the conduct Rules & Regulations of the Institution & hostel. 


The Institution will issue identity card for each trainee during the training course: 1. Students should bring this card without fail to the School & present it when required. 

2. Library books will be issued only on presentation of this card. 

UNIFORMS: Uniforms has to be borne by the candidates at their own cost. 


Any candidate/students found to have the undernoted characteristics/remarks will be disqualified from admission even after final selection.

1. Anyone addicted to drugs / alcohol / tobacco etc.

2. Convicted criminals by any court of law or pending trial.

3. Having any form of dispute/rumours which will cause disharmony to the institution.


Ragging is a violation of human rights. Respect humanitarian value and say "NO" to ragging. The word ragging is neither a means of familiarization nor an introduction with fresher's but a form of Psychopathic behavior. Ragging of any kind and form is strictly prohibited within the premises of the school/Institution as well as in all the means of transportation, hospital, community programmed, any school picnic, sports, annual day etc whether private or public. If any incidents of ragging comes to the notice of the Institution or Management, the concerned student(s) shall be given liberty to explain and if her explanation is not found satisfactory by the management, she would be suspended or even cancellation of her admission from the institution or if necessary legal actions may be taken under relevant laws. 

Apollo School of Nursing (ASN) has always taken adequate measures for prevention and control of ragging every year. However, due to the ugly incidences of ragging in other colleges in the rest of the country and articles of ragging appearing in the newspapers and visual media, there is anxiety and fear among the fresher's and their family members. The Nursing School would like to alleviate this fear and anxiety and provide a conducive environment for learning during initial period of the course. In keeping with the Hon'ble Supreme Court's directions, we aim to make Apollo School of Nursing ragging - free Institution. 

In order to make sure that students willing to undergo the course are safe, we would require parents and students to produce and submit anti-ragging related affidavits from competent authority which must be submitted to the institution when taking admission. The institution have Anti-ragging committee, Antiragging squad , Mentoring cell and Help line for the students.