Administration, Faculty and Staff

 The Apollo School of Nursing will endeavour to usher the service of educating the students by providing good faculty and staffs from North Eastern States. Sufficient Teaching faculty and Non-Teaching faculty are engaged as per Indian Nursing Council Norms.

No. Name Designation
01 Lalhmingmawii Principal
02 C Lalsawmliani Senior Tutor
03 Lalngaihzuali Tutor
04 Rosalyn VL Ruatkimi Tutor
05 VL Muanpuii Tutor
06 Lalneihmawii Tutor
07 Lalthanmawii Tutor
08 Lalbiakzami Tutor
09 Suzanne Lalrinchhani Tutor
10 Faustina Lalsiampuii Tutor
11 R Lalrinchhana Tutor